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Geologic Services

Building in the Central Coast can be challenging. Fault Zones, Liquefaction Zones, Coastal Bluffs, Coastal Beaches, and Areas subject to landsliding or debris flows can present additional design and approval challenges for your Project.


Geologic Hazard Investigation

Geologic hazards are ubiquitous in the Central Coast.  From the San Andreas Fault zone to weak sedimentary rock prone to instability throughout the Santa Cruz Mountains, many natural features make the Central Coast a particularly hazardous region to build in when compared to other parts of California.

Geologic Hazard Investigations are triggered during the planning phase of a project and require Geologic Hazards to be identified, mapped, and mitigated. Mitigation of Geologic Hazards can be addressed with project design features, engineering controls, and/or setbacks from identified geologic hazards.

Many services are associated with Geologic Hazard Investigations and may include the following based on site conditions:

  • Lot Line Adjustments;
  • Geologic Reports for New Developments;
  • Geologic Assessments for Real Estate Transactions; and
  • Guidance to Conform with City, County, and State Requirements.

Waste Disposal Site Evaluations (Septic System Design)

Wastewater treatment and management is a growing environmental issue in rural areas of the Central Coast.  Many waste disposal systems, or septic systems, were installed decades ago and were not sized correctly for the property or did not account for low permeability earth materials into the subsurface.

If you are starting a remodel project or constructing a building in a rural area of Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Benito, or San Mateo Counties a Septic Site Evaluation may get triggered.

Not all Site Evaluations are the Same.  

Allterra has designed, permitted, and built infiltration basins to receive 25 gallons per minute flows from groundwater treatment systems processing fuel-impacted groundwater.  We are applying those skills to residential Waste Disposal.

Why Hire Allterra Environmental for Waste Disposal System Assessments?

You get a holistic approach to managing waste streams. Wastewater, greywater, and storm water management are all addressed in our comprehensive Waste Disposal Site Evaluation process.  Septic system performance and capacity is enhanced with a good design and careful consideration of subsurface conditions.

Every great project starts with a good plan. Learn more about our Waste Disposal Site Evaluations by scheduling a call with Allterra’s Professional Geologist, Aaron Powers, MS, PG, ChG, and all around great guy.

You can reach him at (831) 425-2608.

Groundwater Resource Plan

Groundwater Resource Plan is a plan to address how groundwater will be used, recharged, protected, and extracted from your parcel. Water and access to water is a growing concern in California. Any development should address groundwater and groundwater management for a sustainable yield over time.

Our Groundwater Resource Plan addresses:

  • Field reconnaissance and file reviews to identify and characterize parcel area, determine probable well locations, review available data from existing wells in the vicinity, and determine test well depth for well pilot testing.
  • Well design, installation, development, and laboratory testing of domestic well.
  • Pump design and installation
  • Solar PV system for pumping and distributing water from the well for use.
  • GW elevation monitoring adder for tracking groundwater resources over time.

Case Study

Waste Discharge Site Evaluation (Septic System Design)

Monterey County – Carmel Valley – Walker Canyon Road

Allterra evaluated Geologic Hazards and steep slopes affecting a proposed residential construction project on Walker Canyon Road in Carmel Valley, an area known for landslides, water restrictions, and earthquakes.

Our Geologic Hazard Investigation varies by county. In Monterey County, setbacks from defined site features such as slope, rivers, and property boundaries drive most of Monterey County’s concerns.

At Walker Canyon, we evaluated seismic shaking, erosion, and land sliding to define safe buildable areas of the parcel where Monterey County Planning and Monterey County Department of Environmental Health will approve construction of a residential structure and a Waste Disposal System (Septic). We completed file reviews at the Environmental Planning Department, field reconnaissance, exploratory trenching, and interview of County Geologist and Planning professionals to provide recommendations for development of the property.

Our recommendations included:

  • Building Envelop: County approved area safe to build.
  • Waste Disposal System: Design, size, and location of waste disposal system
  • Parcel topography and drainage
  • Setback and mitigation of Geologic Hazards

Walker Canyon Geologic Hazard Investigation resulted in approval by Monterey County to proceed with site construction.

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