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Environmental Services Assessments (Stage I, Stage II, Stage III)

Allterra’s roots are doing great work locally cleaning up dissolved MTBE, TCE, and benzene plumes.

If you have any issue with groundwater, USTs, RWQCB, DTSC, or County; we can help.

Environmental Site Assessments and Remediation

Since Allterra Env’s founding in 2004, we have specialized in Site Investigation and Corrective Action work. Our site investigations provided soil, vapor, and groundwater data to represent environmental conditions in a Site Conceptual Model so Corrective Action can be evaluated. Based on data; a corrective approach is selected and implemented to clean up the site.

Allterra has conducted complex remedial investigations, feasibility studies, remedial design, and implemented Corrective Action Plans for hazardous material release sites throughout California. Cleaning up MTBE and TCE when dissolved in groundwater is tricky; actually cleaning up the contaminant plume is where many projects get stuck.

We help Consultants and/or Responsible Parties (RPs) with corrective action work scopes.  Our environmental professionals and corrective action experience have resulted in closing 20 Regional Water Quality Control Board cases throughout the SF Bay Region in the last seven years. We are wrapping up our last Corrective Action projects in San Jose and finally have time to market our expertise and find new clients to help.

Storm Water Monitoring & Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs)

California water boards have been concerned about storm water runoff and pollution for decades. From dissolved salts in snow melt around Lake Tahoe to fertilizer runoff in agricultural settings in the Central Coast; storm water transports many contaminants into rivers, lakes, and ocean and is a growing environmental concern for California.  

In 2016 California adopted a new Storm Water Strategy that expand Stormwater Monitoring and Pollution Prevention requirements to even more commercial land uses.  Now farmers, fuel distributors, and other small commercial facilities will have to comply with Storm Water Monitoring and Pollution Prevention requirements.  

Our environmental team’s expertise in environmental planning, storm water, groundwater, and environmental risk evaluation give Allterra the multidisciplinary background needed to recommend and negotiate solutions for environmentally regulated facilities.  If you own a business in the Central Coast and need help setting a Storm Water program or want us to evaluate an existing Storm Water program give us a call.  We would love to help.

Case Study

Former Beach City Gas – Santa Cruz, California

UST release of MTBE; Remediation and Site Redevelopment

Allterra was selected to oversee the removal of three 10,000-gallon gasoline underground storage tanks (USTs) during redevelopment of a former gasoline fueling station located at 1104 Ocean Street in Santa Cruz, California (Site). Elevated levels of petroleum constituents including total petroleum hydrocarbons as gasoline (TPHg) and MTBE were detected in soil and groundwater during UST removal activities.

Allterra oversaw all aspects of UST, dispenser, product piping, and impacted soil removal and disposal.  Shallow groundwater conditions on-site even required Allterra to extract groundwater from the UST excavation for treatment and eventual discharge under permit. Allterra removed fuel impacted soil and groundwater as part of the UST removal work scope.  Additional corrective action work during UST removals was a key component to plan to clean up the site.

Allterra also completed investigation and remediation work at the site once UST removal work was completed.  The groundwater plume was not fully delineated and a Corrective Action Plan to further reduce contamination was required by Santa Cruz County and Regional Water Quality Control Board.

Allterra prepared a groundwater investigation to fully define the groundwater plume and completed a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) for the site.

For corrective action, Allterra designed and built a groundwater extraction and treatment system (GWETS) that included four extraction wells that removed impacted groundwater from impacted areas beneath the Site. Groundwater was treated using two granular activated carbon (GAC) vessels prior to discharge to the sanitary sewer under City of Santa Cruz permit.

During system operation, Allterra maintained equipment, collected water effluent samples to ensure permit compliance, tracked system performance data, and prepared quarterly reports for submittal to the SCCDEH and RWQCB.

The GWETS system was effective in removing TPHg and MTBE from the subsurface beneath and down gradient of the Site and current dissolved contaminate levels do not warrant further corrective action.

Allterra prepared a low-risk case closure evaluation for the Site to address any human health concern the State or County may have. The low-risk evaluation consisted of a review of historical investigative and corrective action work completed at the Site, a summary of current environmental conditions, and a low-risk screening using criteria established in the State Resources Control Board (SWRCB) resolutions and past Water Quality Orders (WQOs).

In the end, reductions in contamination and elimination of exposure pathways resulted in Case Closure in 2015.

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