• Allterra ENV

    Since our inception we have been working to protect groundwater by investigating and remediating contaminated properties for business owners. Our geologists, engineers, and scientists can assist property owners with Regional Water Quality Control Board and County Health Department compliance issues.

    Site Mitigation:

    Allterra investigates and remediates hazardous material releases and assists clients with contaminate mitigation, environmental compliance, and case closure requests. Take advantage of hiring a local firm with local knowledge to reduce your site mitigation costs.

    Storm Water:

    Certain land uses are required to monitor storm water and prepare storm water pollution prevention plans (SWPPS) to minimize pollution entering our storm drains. Allterra files Notice of Intents (NOI) prepares storm water monitoring plans and reports. Need a SWPP, hire local and save.

  • Allterra GEO

    Development projects in Santa Cruz County require various environmental protection ordinances to be addressed as part of building permit approval. If you plan to build on steep terrain, in areas prone to landsliding, faulting, flooding, or on coastal bluffs, a Geologic Hazard Investigation by one of our Geologists may be required.

    Geologic Investigations:

    Allterra provides a full range of geologic investigations with an emphasis on geologic hazards evaluations, engineering geologic investigations, and coastal geology.

    Sustainable Water Management:

    Allterra’s geologists evaluate surface water and groundwater to determine the best water management approach. Imagine greywater, rainwater catchment, infiltration basins, and domestic water production integrated for a sustainable water system for your home or development project.

  • Allterra AG

    2012 Agricultural Order and Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plans mark the beginning of a long process to improve water quality in agricultural regions. Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board and County Health Departments will be requiring more from growers and ranchers, Allterra is here to help:

    2012 Agriculture Order:

    All California growers are required to comply with Regional Board wastewater discharge requirements (WDR). Let Allterra maintain compliance for your vineyard, food processing facility, farm, or ranch.

    Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plans (SPCCs):

    Growers and ranchers are required to prepare or amend their SPCC Plans by May 10, 2013. Don’t wait! Have Allterra prepare your farms SPCC plan today and save money.

  • Allterra Solar

    Solar is the right investment for many business owners because of the incredible Return on Investment (ROI). Allterra has developed a process to quickly determine if your business is ideal for solar. Contact Allterra Solar (www.allterrasolar.com), our dedicated solar division, for a free financial analysis.

    Residential Solar

    If you own your property, pay more than $100/month for electricity, and have a sunny roof (or other area), solar is a great investment. Go solar for $0 down and save immediately with a solar lease, contact Allterra Solar today to schedule your free site assessment.

    Commercial Solar

    Wal-Mart, Microsoft, Toyota, Whole Foods, FedEx, Google, Berkshire-Hathaway, and even PG&E understand the economic benefit of solar energy and are aggressively going solar. Why? To reduce energy costs and lock in energy rates for the future. Contact Allterra Solar today to schedule your free Financial Analysis.

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